Our Vision

As teachers, we know that the time-consuming efforts of lesson planning often come at a cost of your valuable personal time. It is our hope that this online Social Studies Classroom will be a place for Social Studies teachers to cut down on some of these costs, and a serve as a platform to help these educators be the teachers they have always dreamed of becoming. We are seeking save teacher’s valuable time and make the planning process EASY and EFFICIENT by offering teacher-tested TOOLS that you can use in your classroom TOMORROW, at little to no-cost. We also hope to share some of the latest tips, tricks, trends, and technology that are useful for the Secondary Social Studies classroom. We look forward to building, collaborating with, and serving the amazing community of Social Studies educators!

My Story

Every teacher begins his or her career full of hope, with innovative ideas, and methods that they are certain will allow them to fulfill their dream of “changing the world one student at a time.” When I entered the field of education at twenty-two years old, I was no different. I had a dream to become the teacher that every student wished for. I was absolutely certain that my classroom would be so engaging, my lesson plans so relevant, and my enthusiasm for learning so high, that my students would never want to leave! I believed that learning, relevance, inspiration and fun could coexist in my classroom, and I wondered why every teacher did not strive to be THAT teacher-the one every student wished for and the one I was clearly going to become. 

Naive is an adjective that barely scrapes the surface of the teacher I was at twenty-two. As many new teachers do, I severely underestimated the amount of time that it would take to be THAT teacher every day. By the end of the first semester, I was struggling to make my classroom a relevant, inspirational, and fun place to be. After sacrificing so much of my personal time in my attempt to make this vision a reality, I felt defeated. I had worked so hard, and I had come up short.  At twenty-three years old, I found myself in a career crisis. My enemy, Mr. Burnout, became a regular visitor in my classroom, and Mrs. Perfectionist, a former ally of mine, continued to invite him in.

After speaking with many colleagues about this struggle, I learned that  my dream of “changing the world” by bringing relevance, inspiration, and fun into the Social Studies Classroom, is not my dream alone. It is OURS – Social Studies Educators. There are thousands of us who share the same vision for the type of classroom we want to create, and face the same struggle of balancing the time it takes to make this vision a reality in our classrooms. This realization became the inspiration for the creation of an online platform named Social Studies Classroom, which is dedicated to assisting teachers who are motivated to change the world through Social Studies education.

This is a space for US – to connect, to collaborate, to learn, to serve and to achieve the common vision of creating meaningful learning experiences for our students. This is a platform to share innovative ideas & resources, to learn of new trends and technology, and to transform Social Studies education and Social Studies teachers, into the educators we have always dreamed of becoming. Welcome to the Social Studies Classroom – where learning, relevance, inspiration, & fun coexist.  

Meet the Creator

Lisa D.

Founder  & Creator

Lisa is a teacher with a passion of making Social Studies curriculum relevant, inspiring, & fun. Her goal is help students acquire the depth of knowledge & skills necessary to become informed decision-makers & productive global citizens. When she is not in the classroom, Lisa enjoys watching college football, film-making, & spending time outdoors during her favorite season of the year- (you guessed it) SUMMERTIME!


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